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Documentary Explores The Phenomenon of Indigo Children

(Ashland, OR) First the parents and then the teachers began to take note of a new and special generation of children, children now known as Indigos. Soon after medical doctors, psychotherapists, educators and others began to study them. Skeptics might have easily dismissed the phenomenon, until now. USA TODAY, CNN and Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America have all recently reported on the growing phenomenon of Indigo children. Now comes THE INDIGO EVOLUTION, the first feature-length documentary on the subject.

Indigos are children between the ages of 12 - 25 who have several unique qualities including: being strong-willed, creative, intuitive, independent, restless, have a deep desire to help the world, and often bond easily with animals.

“We are kids who want to make the world a better place,” explains 12 year old Jeffrey Star, an Indigo and self-described Peacemaker.

Hearing from young Jeffrey Star and the other Indigo Children in this in-depth documentary provides a rare and fascinating look into this phenomenon. It becomes crystal clear that these children not only have a purpose, they know what it is and they plan to pursue it. Many of the children featured in the film have become highly acclaimed artists, poets, musicians and peacemakers.

Producer/Director James Twyman, author of RAISING PSYCHIC CHILDREN, will release THE INDIGO EVOLUTION on January 27, 2006 through the Spiritual Cinema Network in more than 300 churches, bookstores, healing centers and alternative locations around the world.

While most parents believe their children are special, THE INDIGO EVOLUTION clearly demonstrates that Indigo Children do have identifiable traits. Several of the experts featured in the film believe that all children are capable of developing Indigo-like traits if taught in specified ways.

Providing expert commentary on the phenomenon are medical doctors, scientists, educators and bestselling spiritual authors including Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul), Doreen Virtue (a leading expert on Indigo children, and author of several books on the subject, including THE CARE AND FEEDING OF INDIGO CHILDREN), Ram Dass (Be Here Now), actress Sally Kirkland, several Hopi Elders and more.

“Whether they are creating beautiful paintings, writing soul-stirring songs and poetry, or helping to make the world a better place, meeting the Indigo Children in this film provides a strong sense of optimism for the future of planet earth,” explains Twyman. “We made this film to inspire children and their parents around the world, to demonstrate that with an open heart and an open mind, anything is possible.”

Twyman became interested in this subject in 2001 when he met a young boy from Bulgaria named Marco who appeared to have powerful psychic abilities. After meeting several other psychic children at a monastery in Bulgaria, he wrote of this phenomenon in his book EMISSARY OF LOVE. Other Indigo Children soon began to contact him, some of them literally showing up on his doorstep. Since then, James and his organization, The Beloved Community, have sponsored four international conferences where the children themselves speak.

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